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Certificate in Excel 2010 Intermediate Online Course

Learn How To Excel in Excel

Learn How To Excel in Excel

Part 1 : Advanced File Tasks
Learn how to use the Open and Save dialogs to create new files and folders. It also covers file types that are compatible with Excel, how to work with older file formats, and how to protect their workbook against accidental or intentional changes to the data. Finally, this section will discuss the many file management tools and checkers that are used to scan workbooks for personal information and compatibility issues.

Part 2 : Working with Functions and Formulas
Discover how to properly reference cells, use mathematical operators, and how to check their formulas for errors. This section also covers how to browse, insert, and use functions to perform complex mathematical operations. Students will learn how to use the IF function, use nested functions to perform multiple operations, and define and use range names. Finally, array formulas will be discussed.

Part 3 : Managing Tables
Tables are an important part of Excel because they inherently contain a lot of useful functionality, including sorting and filtering. This section teaches participants how to add and edit tables, edit table information, perform sort and filter operations, and even how to use Excel as a database.

Part 4 : Adding the Finishing Touches
This section details how to round off a spreadsheet by discussing how to check spelling and use the research pane to look up words, facts, and figures. Students will learn how to apply and use theme effects and create text boxes, pictures, and Clip Art. Basic image editing will also be discussed

Part 5 : Showing Data as a Graphic
This final section will show how to turn data into informative visual aids. Students will learn how to add and edit SmartArt; how to add symbols, special characters, and equations; and also how to add and edit shapes. Finally, the new Sparkline feature will be discussed, showing participants how to add, edit, and customize these useful graphs-in-a-cell.

Course Fast Facts:

  1. Easy to follow and understand
  2. Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required
  3. Unlimited, lifetime access to online course
  4. Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone
  5. You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time
  6. Certificate of Completion

Course Delivery

Courses are accessed online via our learning management system by any device including PC, MAC, tablet or Smart Phone.

Recognition & Accreditation

This course is internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

Advanced File Tasks

  • Section 1.1: Using Windows Explorer within Excel
  • Navigating using Windows Explorer
  • Performing Basic Tasks with Windows Explorer
  • Using Views with Windows Explorer
  • Using the Windows Explorer Navigation Pane
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener 
  • Section 1.2: Saving your Files
  • Using AutoRecover
  • Publishing to PDF or XPS
  • Protecting an Entire Workbook
  • Protecting the Current Sheet
  • Opening and Converting Files in XLS Format
  • Saving Spreadsheets in XLS Format
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.3: Using File Management Tools, Part One
  • Marking a Workbook as Final
  • Encrypting a Workbook
  • Digitally Signing a Workbook
  • Managing File Properties
  • Managing Versions
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener 
  • Section 1.4: Using File Management Tools, Part Two
  • Viewing a Summary of Sharing Issues
  • Using the Document Inspector
  • Using the Accessibility Checker
  • Using the Compatibility Checker
  • Setting Compatibility Options
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Case Study

Working with Functions and Formulas

  • Section 1.1: Using Formulas in Excel, Part 1
  • Understanding Relative and Absolute Cell References
  • Understanding Basic Mathematical Operators
  • Using Formulas with Multiple Cell References
  • Understanding the Formula Auditing Buttons
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.2: Using Formulas in Excel, Part 2
  • Fixing Formula Errors
  • Displaying and Printing Formulas
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener 
  • Section 1.3: Exploring Excel Functions
  • What are Functions?
  • Inserting Functions
  • Some Useful and Simple Functions
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.4: Using Functions in Excel
  • Using the IF Function
  • Working with Nested Functions
  • Breaking up Complex Formulas
  • Using Functions and AutoFill to Perform Difficult Calculations
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.5: Working with Names and Ranges
  • What are Range Names?
  • Defining and Using Range Names
  • Defined Names Commands
  • Selecting Nonadjacent Ranges
  • Using AutoCalculate
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.6: Working with Array Formulas
  • What are Array Formulas?
  • Defining Basic Array Formulas
  • Using Functions within Array Formulas
  • Using the IF Function in Array Formulas
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Case Study

Managing Tables

  • Section 1.1: Working with Tables
  • What is a Table?
  • Creating Tables
  • Modifying Tables
  • Using the Table Tools – Design Tab
  • Adding a Total Row
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.2: Working with Records and Fields
  • What are Records and Fields?
  • Adding Records by Inserting Rows
  • Quickly Adding Records to a Data Table
  • Deleting Records or Fields
  • Cleaning up Duplicate Records
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.3: Working with Tables and Filters
  • Sorting Data in a Table
  • What is an AutoFilter?
  • Creating a Custom AutoFilter
  • Using an Advanced Filter
  • Using an Advanced Filter with Logical Statements
  • Copying Filtered Records
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.4: Using Excel as a Database
  • Filtering with Wildcard Characters
  • Validating your Data
  • Data Validation using Lists
  • Using Database Functions
  • Step-By-Step
  •  Skill Sharpener
  • Case Study

Adding the Finishing Touches

  • Section 1.1: Research Tools
  • Checking Spelling
  • Using the Research Pane
  • Using the Thesaurus
  • Setting your Language
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  •  Section 1.2: Using Themes
  • Changing the Theme
  • Customizing Theme Fonts
  • Customizing Theme Effects
  • Managing Theme Files
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  •  Section 1.3: Adding Text Boxes
  • Drawing a Text Box
  • Using the Drawing Tools – Format Tab
  • Common Text Box Editing Tasks
  • Inserting WordArt
  • Common WordArt Editing Tasks
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.4: Inserting Pictures and ClipArt
  • Adding a Picture from a File
  • Adding Clip Art
  • Adding a Screenshot
  • Overview of the Picture Tools – Format Tab
  • Overview of the Pictures Mini Toolbar
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  •  Section 1.5: Editing Pictures
  • Resizing Pictures
  • Moving Pictures
  • Cropping Pictures
  • Rotating and Flipping Pictures
  • Using the Format Picture Dialog
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Case Study

Showing Data as a Graphic

  • Section 1.1: Inserting SmartArt
  • Inserting SmartArt
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Photos
  • About the SmartArt Tools Tabs
  • Editing SmartArt
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.2: Formatting SmartArt
  • Changing the Layout
  • Changing the Color Scheme
  • Changing the Style Scheme
  • Resetting the Graphic
  • Converting the Graphic
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.3: Adding Symbols, Equations, and Shapes
  • Inserting a Symbol or Special Character
  • Inserting an Equation
  • Using the Equation Tools – Design Tab
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Common Shape Editing Tasks
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.4: Adding Sparklines
  • What are Sparklines?
  • Adding Sparklines
  • About the Sparkline Tools Tab
  • Editing Sparkline Data
  • Removing Sparklines
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Section 1.5: Editing Sparklines
  • Showing and Hiding Data
  • Changing the Style
  • Changing the Sparkline and Marker Color
  • Setting Sparkline Options
  • Step-By-Step
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Case Study

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


  • OSX/iOS 6 or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

  • Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
  • Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Course Summary

Course ID No.: 002EX10INOC
Delivery Mode: Online
Course Access: Lifetime Course Access
Time required: Study at your own pace
Course Duration: 6 - 8 Hours
Qualification: Certificate